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شركات المقاولات

Fire safety Corporation

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Fire safety Corporation was established In Dammam, Saudi Arabia to become one of the best Supplier of solutions In the field of security and safety, through our awareness of the importance of easy access to services Multiple safety and security, we have become specialists in our field by providing integrated solutions under the roof One for all fire fighting systems, high quality fire fighting equipment, and fire alarm systems And guidance systems for emergency exits, security and surveillance systems, in addition to audio and video systems and smart homes With the possibility of linking it in sound and image through mobile applications or the Internet

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الرياض سيتي

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افضل شركة صيانة افران غاز بالرياض

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Emirates CaptEmirates Captain Safety & Security Devicesain

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Emirates Captain Safety & Security was established in 2009 with the view of high importance of Fire Fighting & Safety Industry in United Arab Emirates and emerging need for technology input. Providing requisite technology and services for the Fire Fighting and Safety requirements and in the sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. Focusing on the safety and security needs of the customers and fulfilling the same. Emirates Captain offers total solution for Fire Detection and Protection needs according to the requirements of NFPA and the local Civil Defense Authority. We are specialized in design, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of Fire Detection and Fire Fighting Systems.

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Yükseliş Asansör

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Since the day we were founded, we have been growing and taking firm steps forward with our honesty, quality policy and continuous development approach. Since 1980, Yükseliş Asansör, which has been carrying out elevator design, production and marketing activities, brings its products produced with its superior quality understanding to 63 countries of the world. Winning Partner Innovative Technology Just in Time Production Goal Oriented Results Yükseliş Asansör continues on its way with confident steps with the principle of disciplined and timely work with the understanding of continuous development.

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Since its inception in 2014, KMT has taken the lead among competitors in the MENA region due to efforts exerted by its highly experienced staff members specialized in supplying and installing electrical equipment for industries for over 25 years.

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ALRASIKH Company for Trading, General contracting, Commercial Agencies, Assembling of Control & Distribution Electrical Boards and General Services Ltd. became the leading provider for a number of services in Iraq. Its services range from general trading and infrastructure/database project execution to covering the Iraqi local market’s vast needs of electrical equipment and solutions of all sorts.

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Al Haroj Electric

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Welcome to the web site of the Libyan Supplier of Cable accessories and electrical materials .

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Al-Wefaq Control Systems

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Al-Wefaq is an IS0 90001:2008 certified company. We are automation solution provider, control system integrator and panel builder. We design, develop, build, install, troubleshoot and commission wide spectrum of Low Voltage Systems and Automation & Control Systems (PLC/SCADA).

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usst energy

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وجهت مجموعة التركي للتجارة للاستثمار بمجال الطاقة المتجددة والشمسية من خلال تأسيس أحد الموسسات التابعة لمجموعة التركي للتجارة بإسم الشركة المتحدة القياسية للطاقة انطلاقا من توجه المملكة العربية السعودية للتوجه نحو استخدام الطاقات المتجددة كالطاقة الشمسية في التنمية والتطوير والتنوع بمصادر الطاقة لذلك قامت مجموعة التركي بإبرام عقد وكالة حصرية مع الشركة المتحدة القياسية للطاقة الشمسية الصينية والتي تعتبر من أقوى الشركات الصينية في مجال الطاقة الشمسية ولها مشاريع متعددة وكبيرة في تركيب الأنظمة الشمسية المنفصلة والمرتبطة بالشبكة الكهربائية وحازت على شهادات تقدير عالمية على العديد من المشاريع المتميزة بتصميمها الجيد وتنتقي كافة منتجاتها بشكل دقيق وبجودة عالية

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Unitarian For Trade and Supplies UFTAS

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UFTAS, is a leader in the electromechanical industry in the Egyptian market. the main core of our business is problem solving. According to our customer needs, we tailor our solutions to satisfy those needs and we dedicate ourselves to provide the safest and most reliable solutions. Our company is well known for its reliability to offer after sales service and maintenance. We are distinguished by the quality we offer among our extended network which includes contractors, consultants, chief engineers, private owners, businessmen, procurement managers as well as a wide base of end consumers. In addition to providing complete solutions for our customers, our aim is to endow our customers with the best experience and to serve the market with our unique electromechanical products that are characterized by high quality and safety.

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Akbar Travels of India L.L.C

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We at Akbar Travels are committed to ensuring that all of our clients enjoy themselves while travelling and have a hassle-free experience. Our customers can easily access some of the lowest cost carriers around the globe on our website and book cheap flights to their desired destinations without any hassle. Every requirement a traveler might have, is met by our website Akbar Travels. Even When it comes to comparing prices for different airlines or hotels, scheduling transportation and transfers, setting up meetings, conferences, and other events, or simply booking a tour or making travel plans, Akbar Travels has you covered. Therefore, you no longer need to check various websites to find the best prices and services. Everything can now be done in one spot!

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Rigid Metal & Wood Industries LLC

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RIGID METAL & WOOD INDUSTRIES L.L.C Passionate Team With A Unique Vision A Trustable Partner Since 1999 Rigid Metal & Wood Industries LLC is a leading multi-faceted Dubai based company, actively dominating our presence in the Civil Engineering construction, and industrial engineering sectors in and around the United Arab Emirates. Metal Works Company UAE RMW is engaged in the manufacturing and installation of superior-quality furniture, specialized joinery products, metal works, cast aluminum products, stainless steel fabrication works, fencing erection, and maintenance, and glass and aluminum work. Capitalizing our in-house modern facility to its maximum, we are self-sufficient to develop innovative designs from the basic ones to the most complex ones with ease and professionalism

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Jasim Contracting

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They also provide contracting, furnishing/renovating solutions after the post-construction of a project. The employees of our agency are very competitive, creative, and cooperative. We have got a big exposure in terms of civil, electrical, mechanical.

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Al Andalosia

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BIENVENUS CHEZ ATTOUCHE DÉCORS Nos équipes commerciales et techniques, vous accompagnent tout au long de vos projets et vous guident pour que vos idées prennent forme. Nos produits permettent de répondre aux exigences élevées dans le domaine de l’acoustique, l’hygiène et l’esthétique dans l’aménagement.

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Car Parking Shades Suppliers

رابط الشركة

Car Parking Shades Suppliers in Dubai 0543839003 provide highly engineered car parking shades structure to its client, which provide extreme protection to cars and other vehicles from the burning sun UV radiations and our parking shades structures are very helpful for UAE’s hot weather. We manufacture, supply and install both Standard and Customized parking sheds in Sharjah and other states of UAE. Car Parking Shades Suppliers in Dubai Sharjah Ajman UAE Best Quality Good Materials affordable and Best Quallity Materials CAR PARKING SHADE SIZES LENGTH & WIDTH 6.0m x 3.0m (Good For 1 Car) 6.0m x 6.0m (Good For 2 Car) We are Sharjah base Car Parking Shade and tents manufacturing company since 2002. We deliver wide range of Car Parking Shades in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah,Oman, saudi arabia, other Gulf regions like Ajman, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, as well we provide our services in all GCC Countries and Africa with standard and custom designs and requirements. Our most Used Low price Parking Shade is Cantilever Car Parking Shades which are available in most competitive price and these shades are best solution for car parking lot. OUR CAR PARKING SHADES IN DUBAI: ARCH DESIGN CAR PARKING SHADES SUPPLIERS DUBAI PYRAMID CAR PARKING SHADE SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI CONE SINGLE-POLE PARKING SHADES SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI CONICAL CAR PARKING SHADES SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI TOP SUPPORT PARKING SHADE SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI SAIL CAR PARKING SHADES SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI PYRAMID TOP SUPPORT PARKING SHADE SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI UMBRELLA CAR PARKING SHADES SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI WAVE DESIGN PARKING SHADES SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI K-SPAN CAR PARKING SHADE SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI BOTTOM SUPPORT PARKING SHADES SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI BOTTOM SUPPORT PYRAMID PARKING SHEDS SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI CAR PARKING SHADES FABRIC SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI We are expert manufacturers and suppliers as we use world high class fabrics like PVC, PVDF, PTFE, HDPE for the car parking shades structure which increase the safety of your cars more efficiently and effectively and very much helpful for the UAE weather and maintain the gloss, shine and protect the car. List of Parking Shades Fabrics Use for the manufacturing of Car parking sheds are: AND DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY WILL CERTAINLY CONVINCE SOMEONE. Car Parking Shades Suppliers in UAE THE FACTORY OF AL MUZALAAT TENTS IS LOCATED IN SHARJAH INDUSTRIAL AREA 6 SHARJAH, STEEL FABRICATION IN SAJJA WITH FULL-FLEDGED FACILITY FOR DESIGN, MANUFACTURING AND INSTALLATION OF TENSILE MEMBRANE STRUCTURES. WE HAVE THE FACILITY TO MANUFACTURE STEEL AND FABRIC, IN-HOUSE car parking arch design arch design car parkingcar parking shade arch design arch design in Dubai Dubai arch design arch design Dubai parking shade arch design arch design parking shade arch design shade parking arch design arch design parkingUAE arch designarch design UAE Sharjah arch design arch design Sharjah arch design roof arch design roof cover arch design in Abu Dhabi arch design Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi arch design shade arch design roof shade arch design parking shade arch designs shade arch design car parking shade arch design in Sharjah shade arch design UAE shade arch design shade arch design UAE shade arch design roof cover Sharjah shade arch design shade arch design Sharjah shade arch design Dubai Dubai shade arch design shade arch design in Dubaishade arch design in Abu Dhabi shade arch design Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi shade arch design shade arch design Al Ain Al Ain shade arch designshade arch design in Al Ain shade arch design in UAE car park shade In UAEcar park shade structurescar parking shade suppliers car parking shade products car park shade sails industrial car parking shadecar parking shades designoudoor shade sail clothparking shades designcar park shade structures in UAE car parking shade suppliers In UAEcar parking shade products In UAE car park shade sails In UAE industrial car parking shade In UAE car parking shades design In UAE oudoor shade sail cloth In UAE parking shades design In UAE car parking shade In UAE car parking shade suppliers car parking shade productscar parking shade sailindustrial car parking shadecar parking shedssun shadeshade clothcar park canopy park shade UAEpark shade structures. These products are manufactured with the latest technologies under the strict guidance of our highly skilled engineers. Moreover, the blend of quality with the most recent technologies will let us customize the designs according to our customer’s desires. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is a high-quality fabric used in parking shades and tensile structures. The fabric is manufactured using high-quality materials to function for a more extended period. It is designed for maximum strength, durability, and protection. Proven to resist UV rays, this fabric can withstand harsh weather as well. This type of material is highly recommended for the people who would like to enhance their outdoor space within the budget. It is one of the most cost-effective fabric shade available in the market. Both waterproof and non-water proof materials are available- depending upon the client requirement we use it for car parking sheds and other urban spaces. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is a fabric used in the car parking shades well known for its amazing properties. There are plenty of good qualities for this fabric, such as UV resistance, cold resistance, durability, etc. The material is 100 percent waterproof and can withstand harsh weather. It is also an economical solution for parking shades. Our PVC fabric will protect the car parking area from the sun, hence maintaining the color and heat of the car. Car Parking Shades– PVC Mesh PVC mesh is a very popular and cost-effective roofing system which is designed to keep interior temperatures cooler during warmer weather conditions. These type of fabric are used in the areas with high UV level. It is a strong, durable and long-lasting material. More Details contact us 0543839003 / 0505773027

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Elmaadi steel

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Hostile Steel Company was founded in April 2002 and is considered one of the early leading companies in manufacturing and installation requirements stations communications networks in Egypt. 2- All of the company's products are hot galvanizing according to the specifications of American and German companies in the largest factories are located galvanize factories in Egypt such as Arab Steel Fabrication Company (Elsewedy). 3- Our first Interested is in the business of manufacturing and installation requirements stations communications networks in Egypt. 4- The company is manufacturing and service projects and providing support to the networks that we are in such a short period we were able to invade the Egyptian market, with telecommunications companies, as well as African markets. 5- We have done all the items ordered from Alkan net work which delivered to Vodafone net works ,and all celtel projects on EL Niger , sirloin , Burkina Faso , Iraq and also all projects in Sudan , Algeria and all in local & abroad projects . 6- The company owns Group of engineering and technical cadres at the highest level, these cadres will be trained each period according to a fixed timetable. 7- The company has a group of consultants to supervise the work of the according to the contract periodically. 8- Periodically with the company contracted suppliers for raw materials accredited to the Chamber of Metallurgical Industries. 9- The company is currently setting up a factory cable Tray with Sizes and all various accessories. 10- The company registered with the Egyptian accredited bodies such as:- - Investment Authority. - Chamber of Metallurgical Industries.

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DOHA CABLES is proud to be the first Qatari cable manufacturer producing national product and contributing to the sustainable development of the State of Qatar. DOHA CABLES was officially inaugurated in the presence of H.E Former Deputy Prime Minister of Qatar – Mr. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah on 25th May 2010.

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Ottawa Contracting and Trading Co. W.L.L. OCT

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Ottawa Contracting and Trading Company (OCT) has been in operation since 1998 in the heart of Doha, Qatar. During this time, OCT has evolved into becoming a key player in the contracting and trading sector in the State of Qatar. From its base headquartered at Grand Hamad Avenue, Doha-Qatar, OCT has taken on noteworthy projects across an array of services through its divisions in infrastructure & earthworks, heavy equipment rental, transportation and real estate to name a few. OCT had gained significant experience and upright reputation through the commitment of its highly skilled global workforce of 350 employees and an established, trustful relationship with clients. In the course of all these years of experience in various contracting projects, OCT has built an excellent reputation in the local market. The team delivers projects through incomparable skills and professionalism, while adhering to stern protocols of delivery time. OCT has always demonstrated its capability to complete projects in line with the strong commitment. Under the leadership of OCT’s management, the organization delivers the highest quality projects governed by the standards and excellence in accomplishing the client objectives. As an entity established from a team of diligent and industry-expert individuals, OCT takes great pride in contributing to the community which it is a part of by respecting the environment and focusing the efforts on safeguarding it.

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