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website development company in Qatar


Alsharq Technology is a website development company located in Qatar. They offer a range of services related to website development, including website design, website hosting, and website maintenance. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are skilled in using the latest technologies to create responsive, user-friendly, and high-performance websites. They also provide customized solutions based on the specific needs of their clients. Alsharq Technology has a reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget, and they are committed to providing excellent customer service.

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"لقد ساعدنا بعض الشركات الناشئة المذهلة في إعادة صياغة علامتها التجارية وإعادة تصميمها والوصول إلى السوق وإلى أعمال ناجحة قم ببناء أفضل المنتجات والتطبيقات وتنمية أعمالك.سيقوم فريقنا بجعل علامتك التجارية وموقعك الإلكتروني وصفحات الوسائط الاجتماعية الخاصة بك هي الأفضل في مجال عملك.نقوم بتقديم افضل الخدمات باعلي الجودات نتميز : الموثوقية والسرعة والأمان تصاميم متجاوبة قواعد بيانات قوية ادوات انترنت واحصائيات متزامنة دعم فني علي مدار الساعة افضل الاسعار"

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Driven by client satisfaction and ethics, Alsaad has been building success for over 30 years. A leading general contractor renowned for excellence and quality, we are behind many turnkey projects. With proven know-how in civil and marine works, Alsaad effectively merges creativity with reliability and performance. Testaments to our professionalism are all around you in the GCC and Levant. Our team of 7,000 professionals from more than 15 different nationalities delivers international expertise to building works, heavy civil works for industrial and power plants, as well as marine and dredging works.

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شركة أزدة للمقاولات


Founded in 2002 under Saudi Arabia’s General Investment Authority “SAGIA”. Azdah’s diverse experience in engineering, construction, and project management has positioned it as one of the leading service providers for road and highway construction, maintenance, and utilities in the Middle East. In 2013, Azdah expanded its capability to Doha, Qatar and started supplying the Qatari market with high quality Architectural Aluminum Facade Solutions.

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First Finance Company (FFC)


تأسست شركة الأولى للتمويل في نوفمبر من عام 1999، لتكون بذلك أول شركة تمويل في دولة قطر تخضع لرقابة مصرف قطر المركزي. استهلت الشركة أعمالها برأس مال قدره 50 مليون ريال قطري في عام 1999، ليصل عام 2009 إلى 639 مليون ريال قطري في عام 2010، قام بنك دخان بالإستحواذ على 100​​٪ من أسهم الشركة في خطوة تهدف إلى تدعيم دورها كلاعب بارز في السوق المحلية. نعمل في الأولى للتمويل على تلبية الاحتياجات المالية لعملائنا من خلال بوتقة متكاملة من الخدمات المالية المتوافقة مع الشريعة الإسلامية. هدفنا خدمة المواطنين والمقيمين وقطاع كبير من الشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة. .كما أننا نفخر أن تكون شركتنا إحدى الشركات التابعة لبنك دخان، البنك الإسلامي الأحدث والأكثر تقدماً في قطر

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Magma Finance Ltd


We are expanding our investment presence by granting cash as debt to fund projects all over the globe and to all sectors at 3% per annul with up to 35 years repayment plan. If you have any projects that needs funding, Kindly

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ايمكو للمظلات


تركيب جميع انواع المظلات والسواتر

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Al Shaghairi Trading & Contracting Co. WLL (Qatar)


Electra is one of the top contracting companies in Qatar. We have over 30 years of experience, 1000+ completed projects, and an experienced team to assist you. We extend our services to Qatar's construction, contracting, engineering, infrastructure, and trading sectors with undeniable fame. Electra has built an indisputable reputation in the industry in the terms of quality, trustworthiness, transparency, efficiency, prompt supply of goods, and relationship with vendors and integrators, providing premium solutions and services. The major services of Electra include Engineering, MEP, Interior, Contracting, Construction, and more.

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Al Zubair Group - QATAR Video conferencing equipment supplier in Doha, Qatar


We help our customers & partners realize the promise of a value-added distribution (VAD) system. Founded in 2008, with an underlying motto,” Together we win, we grow” we continue to keep the promise of VAD through proactive partnerships

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Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

Apptunix is a top-rated web/mobile app development company in Dubai. Founded by a young and energetic entrepreneur, Apptunix is a perfect blend of knowledge with innovation. Be it a Startup app or an enterprise application, Apptunix is an ideal technology partner to turn your ideas into a reality. Apptunix is an award-winning mobile app development agency in with its offices in USA, UK, UAE, and India. Established in mid-2013 and since then engaged in elevating the client’s interests & satisfaction through innovative Web & Mobility solutions. Holding powerful strength of in-house veterans of 100+ who work closely & dedicatedly with the clients to cater fully customized web/mobile solutions to them. Our Services: Native Apps development (iOS, Android, Windows) Cross-Platform Apps development (React, Flutter, ionic, Xamarin, Titanium, Phone Gap) Games Development (Unity3D, Cocos2D) Web development (Shopify, Laravel, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Joomla) Web Designing (Graphics, UI, Illustration, Photoshop) Our Tech Stack: WEB-DEVELOPMENT: React JS | Node JS | Angular v2, v4, v5,v6, v7, v8, v9 | Redux | Relay | Jest | JavaScript | PHP (Frameworks & CMS) MOBILE DEVELOPMENT: Ionic v1, v2, v3, v4 | TypeScript | Mobile UI and UX | firestore | React Native | Flutter | Android | iOS ENTERPRISE APP DEVELOPMENT: Scala | Java | Kafka | Apache Spark | Akka | Hadoop | Play | Springs MVC DEVOPS: Dockers | Containers | Kubernetes | AWS | Terraform | Ansible BIG DATA: Python | GoLang | ErLang | Elixir | Tensor Flow | Phoenix For more information connect with us on Skype: apptunix or email @ : info@apptunix.com

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Doha International Consulting


Dohaconsulting help your for get your dream job and build your bright career. Doha International Consulting, a Business Consultancy and Recruitment Company that opened doors in Doha in 2009 under the leadership of Mr. Nasser Al-Marri, an HR expert & Mr. Ishan Faizal, a recruitment expert. One-Stop Station - Talent Search & Acquisition, Training & Development, Consultancy (Hospitality, HR, Business Strategy, Marketing) / Hospitality Pre-opening Talent Management Global businesses aren’t the same anymore! Today’s dynamic business environment is constantly influenced by global change and rival market competition. The customers of the future - To meet and anticipate their needs—demands new ways of seeing who they are and thinking about what they want from each other and from companies. Businesses have to be one step ahead! Many organizations around the world including those operating from the Gulf region are urged not only to improve their strategic and organizational reforms but also to improve their technology based on human capital capability!

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Al-Rehal Transport Co.


Al Rehal Transport Co (established since 1992) located in the industrial area in Qatar is one of the leading companies in Doha for the service of providing heavy equipments. RTC helps its customers to do their job more efficiently & more profitably by providing well maintained and reliable equipments at competitive rates. RTC makes sure that the products & services delivered are of superior quality & value to its customers.

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Fepy is the first exclusive website in the UAE for building and home improvement products. Among the numerous categories in which FEPY offers exceptional value are all building materials, paints, hand tools, furniture, electrical, safety wear equipment, home appliances, hardware, plumbing, mechanical, sanitary ware, and other necessities for home construction & renovation. The popular brands UltraTech, Makita, National Paints, Geepas, and more are available for customers to select from while making purchases using our user-friendly Fepy app or website. With special discounts and other benefits, FEPY makes shopping for customers easier on mobile devices and the web via (Android and iOS). Our company aspires to be the top option for builders, traders, and do-it-yourselfers and to simplify your life by making all your building materials and home renovation needs easily accessible. Products may be purchased using simple payment plans, cash on delivery, debit cards, and credit cards. Fepy is an ideal place to buy bulk quantities of leading brands at discount rates, with same-day delivery and free shipping.

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Target Logistics Qatar


Air Freight Sea Freight Land Transportation Warehousing Relocations Exhibition Cargo Project Cargo Third-party Logistics

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Bin Yousef Cargo


Bin Yousef Cargo is Qatar’s leading logistics provider, priding itself on operational excellence, fully integrated logistics and a global network across 180 countries for all its clients Headquartered in Doha with a specialist team of over 130 employees, Bin Yousef Cargo has been at the forefront of the local freight forwarding industry for the past 35 years. Bin Yousef Cargo understands the value of an effective supply chain and the role of logistics in achieving it. Bin Yousef Cargo offers a full spectrum logistics solution including: Air Cargo, Sea Freight, FTL, 3PL & 4PL Services, Project-Cargo Handling, Equine Logistics, Time-critical Logistics, Warehousing, Comprehensive Relocation Services, White-glove services, Customs Clearance and other Bespoke Logistics Solutions.

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NIIT is a 35 years Global Talent corporation and has got presence in 40 countries! NIIT Qatar represents the International brand for over 15 years and has trained more than 300 000 users! Courses will enhance your strategic thinking, enabling you to fulfill your career potential. In the spirit of innovation you will experience new perspectives on business, IT, Marketing, Graphic Design, Data Basses and so many more strategic issues.

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Qatar Trading Company


Established in 1950, Marzooq Shamlan Al Shamlan Holding has fostered its people-first approach to become a truly diverse customer-centric company. Over the years, our group has successfully introduced more than 180 brands to Qatar in the areas of automotive, retail and services.

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Shield Environment Protection Services


Shield Environmental protection Services is a specialist technical contractor which is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment and its resources, operating in many diverse sectors throughout UAE.Our integrated services enable us to provide our customers with an end-to-end service, with a focus on providing value through efficiency and innovation. Shield Environment Protection Services employs experienced professionals lead by a highly qualified management team that understands the maintenance industry well. The team provides a 24/7 service desk and ensures prompt on-site response.

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Oryx For Marble And Granite


حول ORYX أوريكس للرخام والجرانيت (المعروف سابقًا باسم الألفي للرخام والجرانيت) هو مورد الحجر الطبيعي الرائد في المنطقة ، وواحد من أقدمها في قطر. خلال الـ 12 عامًا الماضية ، نجحنا في تسليم أكثر من 300 مشروع ، بما في ذلك فنادق 5 نجوم ، ومنتجعات ، ومراكز تجارية ، ومباني مكتبية وعامة ، وعدد من القصور الخاصة الراقية ، ما يميزنا هو أننا قادرون على تصنيع أي نوع من التصميمات الحجرية ، حيث أن مصنعنا مجهز بآلات عالية التقنية وخطوط إنتاج ، بالإضافة إلى فريق هندسي خبير للتشغيل والصيانة.

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Estithmar Holding


Estithmar Holding هي مجموعة ديناميكية من الشركات التي تقدم خدمات موثوقة ومستدامة وعالية الجودة للشركات عبر مجموعة متنوعة من القطاعات. من الرعاية الصحية إلى الخدمات والمشاريع والمقاولات والصناعات ، نسعى بلا هوادة إلى التميز والابتكار ، وزيادة القيمة للشركات التي يمكنها تقديم هذه القيمة للمستخدمين النهائيين.

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