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دليل كيو التجاري
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elv cable

رابط الشركة

elv cable is committed to provide high quality network lan cable include cat5e cat6 cat6a cat7 data patch cord fiber patch cord pigtail and fiber cables

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Elsewedy Electric creates sustainable projects in energy and infrastructure that enable businesses, communities and regions to thrive. Listed on the Egypt stock exchange since 2006, the hallmarks of our approach are holistic, start-to-finish solutions and an unswerving commitment to excellence.

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Unisystem Group

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Unisystem Group, reference integrator Electronic Security | Networks and Datacenters | Digital Solutions | Energy Solutions | Accompaniement

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MISSION To provide the best customer experience and satisfaction VISION Aim to become the leading solution provider in the Telecommunications field VALUE Provide fully integrated telecommunication solution packages, designed to specifically fit each customer’s individual requirements. These solutions are implemented through many phases from solution engineering, design, supply, installation, management, testing, commissioning, and support. UNITEL works with some of the world’s leading technology vendors to design, deliver and execute projects in a timely manner to the satisfaction of our customers by having all the needed skill sets, whether in human resources or necessary tools, to achieve that . UNITEL has become a recognized brand in the Jordan market and the MENA region for its ability to execute projects in a timely and professional manner to the satisfaction of its customers

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About Us Smile, love, family. All the good things in life are free At Omniup, our Vision is that WIFI should also be free for everyone. OMNIUP monitors free & secured WIFI on public locations by optimizing and monetizing existing hotspots. Indeed, Connectivity has become a basic need but it is still a limited resource: in emerging countries, 90% of the population has limited connectivity (3G/4G package) START EARNING REVENUES With OMNIUP WIFI service WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU ? - SIMPLIFY NETWORKING - We help you MONITOR, OPTIMIZE and FOLLOW in real-time your WIFI connection and COMMUNICATE directly with your customers on their own smartphones. START EARNING REVENUES Make the best of your WIFI service: from a simple cost, start earning revenues by displaying video ads prior WIFI connection. ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS You will be able to promote your business through all the locations in the Omniup network. Gain up to 20% customers. EASY TO USE SOLUTION Our Plug-and-play solution can be easily integrated to your existing internet infrastructure. UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS You can gain relevant insights on your business: our analytics tools help you measure in real-time mode how to drive new traffic. SECURE YOUR BUSINESS We can help you differentiate yourself by helping you provide a WIFI service that respects security and privacy standards. IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Customers will be drawn to your business by the free, and high-quality WIFI you will be offering.

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Microhit is founded and managed by Telecommunication professionals with over 30 years of experience in the telecommunication industry in the Middle East, with proven track record and expertise in providing a whole suite of solutions, in telecom, wireless & security systems. Microhit is independently owned and operated. Therefore, our portfolio of products and services is not restricted or dependent upon any single manufacturer or supplier. Over the years, a large measure of our success can be attributed to our ability to bring our customers the highest quality communication and security solutions regardless of brand or distribution strategy. Microhit is committed to providing our customers with the best technologies to enhance the internal and external communications and security operations of their organizations.

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Middle East Communications

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MiddleEastCommunications&WirelessDevicesTradingLLC (MECOM)activelyinvolvedinthefieldofcommunicationfromyear 2004.Ourmissionistodesign,installandsupportinnovativeproductsthat delivermaximumcustomersatisfaction.Qualityisourgrowthwe believethatifweachievequalityineverythingwedo,weshall accomplish our mission

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Nour Communications

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Nour Communications is a business conglomerate offering an umbrella of services through its various divisions - Nour Telecom, NourNet, Nour Fiber Networks, Nour Energy, Nour Civil & Engineering and Nour Industries (for Electrical and Electronic Industries). We work along with major international players like Avaya, CISCO, Lucent Technologies, Ericsson, Motorola, NSN, Harris, Huawei, Siemens, Samsung, Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC), Mobily, ZAIN, Caterpillar, Cummins, MAN, and wartsila and have attained a leading position to fulfill your needs with the best service and highest SLAs.

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Bulk SMS It is as we say in IT lan-guage SMS PUSH. This means you can send the messages which are push only, or you can opt for push and pull which means when you send messages, the receiver can, respond to your message by sending you a reply instantly (in case of using 2-way SMS)... Read more 2 Way SMS The Two-way SMS Mess-aging allows you to send and receive SMS mess-ages to and from your application. Two-way messaging is a seam-less combination of Mobile Originated(MO) and Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS providing secure and reliable SMS Sending and .... Read more SMS Gate Way SMS Gateway enables advanced use of Bulk SMS and 2-Way SMS messaging with high levels of security. It is the perfect solution for companies who need advanced mobile mess-aging features without extensive investment or user training, integrating your system or....

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Moov Mauritel

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Je voudrais d’abord vous souhaiter la bienvenue sur, le site Internet rénové, actualisé et enrichi de votre opérateur préféré, Moov Mauritel. Je vous invite à le découvrir.

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Bin Moosa & Daly LTD

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Bin Moosa & Daly LTD LLC was established in 1967 by Michael F. Daly to service the emerging Abu Dhabi market. Our product portfolio includes pumps, pump sets, pool & spa equipment, pipes, electric and solar water heaters, water meters, corrosion prevention and sealing technology, oil & grease separators, floor drains and covers, house connections, taps, showers and valves, manhole covers, hazardous area lighting and others.

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Batelco | Bahrain Telecommunication Company

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Moseco is a Qatari award-winning company specialized in cyber & homeland security, smart cities and media technologies. We provide leading-edge and customized solutions to help governments and industries reach their digitization goals for a safer and smarter nation. With our proactive and advanced technological solutions we guide institutions worldwide through the complex challenges of a connected world.

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Libatel is a leading Information and Communication Technology Systems Integrator in the Middle East and across the GCC. Founded in 1977, Libatel is a privately-held company with headquarters in Beirut, and offices in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. For the past 46 years, we have been in the business of providing reliable, tailor-made, intelligent and innovative IT, security and communication solutions to help you work more efficiently and profitably. Our highly trained, motivated and efficient team is totally committed to deliver advanced systems, communications and software integration for businesses of all sizes, across all industries, in the private and public sectors. We design custom solutions, and integrate the industry’s best technologies to answer each organization's specific needs. Determined to exceed customers’ expectations at all levels, we back up all our solutions with software applications, professional support, maintenance and reliable after-sales services. In a constantly evolving technology world, we partner with top international companies to help governments, financial institutions, hospitals, hotels, schools, universities, enterprises and private organizations streamline their voice, data, video, security, and communication needs.

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ليبيا للاتصالات والتقنية

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شركة ليبيا للإتصالات والتقنية هي إحدى الشركات التابعة للشركة الليبية للبريد والإتصالات القابضة، وتعد من الشركات الرائدة في مجال الإنترنت وتقنية المعلومات و المزود الأول و الرئيسي لخدمات الإنترنت في ليبيا. تم انشائها سنة 1997م وكان لها السبق في توفير أول خدمة إنترنت في ليبيا.

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تأسسنا في عام 1999م ونعمل في مجال: -بيع أجهزة الموبايل وملحقاتها -بيع محطات الطاقة المحمولة ايكوفلو (بديل المولّدة) -صيانة أجهزة الموبايل ومحطات الطاقة المحمولة ايكوفلو (بديل المولّدة) -خدمات الدفع الإلكتروني لنا 28فرع منتشرين ضمن (دمشق - حلب - حماه - حمص - اللاذقية -جبلة - طرطوس) نركّز على راحة زبائننا بالمرتبة الأولى من خلال توفير مايحتاجونه في مكان واحد

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Metro Electromechanical LLC

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Saudi Networkers Services, incorporated in 2001 with an aim to provide the world class business and consulting services through a combination of market insight, technical excellence and unrivalled agile methodology. Our success stems from building strong relationships and trusted partners, which enabled us delivering exceptional services to public sector, as well as some world’s leading organizations, in Telecommunication, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Banking, Energy, Utilities and various other industry arenas. Saudi Networkers Services is reliable partner for the new rules of modern business. We embrace an open way of working, by bringing a diverse set of technologies and voices together. We collaborate closely, ideate that how the work gets done, while working alongside businesses to collaborate on growth and applying breakthrough innovations, that drive exponential impact, managed by teams specialized in their assigned industry sectors. Saudi Networkers Services, believes in working together, growing together and rethink the possibilities together.

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FAST Telecommunication Company is the leading Telecom Service Provider in Kuwait. We specialize in pr

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