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دليل كيو التجاري
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Nutritech ME

Nutritech Me is a supplement store located in Hamraa Street, Beirut, offering the best supplements in Lebanon. We specialize in providing a wide range of high-quality vitamins and supplements to support muscle growth and provide essential nutrients for repairing and building muscle tissue. Our supplement store offers a comprehensive selection of products, including mass gainers, fitness supplements, bodybuilding supplements, and sports nutrition products. Visit Nutritech Me today and fuel your fitness journey with the best supplements available!

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RKEIN Agriculture

راسخة الجذور، تستمر عائلتنا بالتوسع و التجدد.

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Societe Boghos SAL

سوسيتيه بوغوس ش.م.ل هي شركة رائدة في تقديم خدمات تحويل الذهب والعملات في لبنان. نتعامل في المعادن الثمينة مثل الذهب والفضة والبلاتين والبلاديوم والروديوم والإيريديوم ، ونوفر حلول التكرير والتصنيع لتلبية مواصفات الصناعة ومتطلبات السوق العالمية. لدينا معمل داخلي لفحص واستخدام التقنيات التقليدية والحديثة لتحليل المعادن. نحن أيضًا شركاء مع شركة Valcambi Suisse ، الشركة الرائدة في السوق في مجال المعادن النفيسة. حلول النقل لدينا عالمية ، وجميع المنتجات المشحونة مؤمنة بالكامل.

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Eve Concierge

Eve Concierge is a shopping service that buys & delivers your online orders from top stores in USA like Amazon, eBay, iHerb and Nike. Payment is cash on delivery when the package arrives to your doorstep in Lebanon.

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Founded in Lebanon in 1994, SERAY DEVELOPMENT & CONSTRUCTION LTD merged with SERAY CONSTRUCTION EST in 2005 to become one of the important players in the construction industry of Lebanon, dedicated to delivering the utmost in concept, design and quality.

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« Sintraco » SINTRACO, SINTRA INDUSTRIAL AND TRADING CO. « Sintraco » TELEPHONE: +9611488976 « Sintraco » Let us know how we can help you « Sintraco » Sintra Paints Line « Sintraco

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Marbex Sarl

Marbex s.a.r.l is one of the Lebanese leading companies, in the field of stone, marble, and granite processing, with more than forty-five years of experience.

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شركة البهاء غروب

صيانة جميع انواع الغسالات الاوتوماتيك والنشافات قطع غيار جميع الماركات بيع غسالات مستعملة مجددة مكفولة

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Concord is one of the largest Manufactures in the Middle East specialized in the manufacturing of Refrigerators, Freezers and Bottle coolers. Concord is part of an International group which has been operating in the Middle East for more than 50 years. The rapid growth of Concord in manufacturing, marketing and sales had brought direct impact and new changes to this industry in the Region. For many years , CONCORD sales network has expanded to more than half a million refrigerators per year covering European, Middle Eastern, African and South Asian markets. Concord is also a leader in home appliances distribution in Lebanon, Iraq & other Middle-East markets.

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ALBINA is specialized in the marketing and distribution of plumbing, electro-mechanical, electrical, heating, automation & home electrical appliances

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FG Wilson is a truly global company- a world leader in the supply of diesel and gas powered generator sets. With 45 years of experience, over 3000 employees and anetwork of 370 dealers in over 150 countries, FG Wilson delivers electricpower products and expertise around the globe. With global production facilities in Brazil, China, India and the USA and company headquarters in Northern Ireland, their manufacturing operations cover a combined area of over186,000 sqm– from which they have capacity to produce more than 130,000 generator sets each year. FG Wilson provides a range of generating sets designed to offer you more comfort through enhanced performance, durability, and service ability. Its products range from 10kVA to 2200kVA, which can be used in a variety of applications from residential, right up to power modules with the ability to operate as complete power stations supplying electricity to national grids.

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SKAFF is a leader in Lebanon in the field of decorative fabrics. Founded in 1965 by Georges SKAFF, the family owned & run business has evolved to include a full range of home decoration products, including textiles, wallpaper, furniture & home accessories. SKAFF has grown as a result of passion that has been passed on from generation to generation. SKAFF is a renowned name in the market, satisfying thousands of clients in the MENA region, with branches scattered in different countries. In Lebanon alone, you can shop in 15 branches: Mkalles, Ashrafieh, Dbayeh, Saida, Zahle, Zgharta, Tripoli, Sarafand, Tyre, Zefta & Felougha. In the MENA region we are located in Riyadh, Amman,Oman, Nigeria, Ghana, Iraq, Qatar & Egypt to be able to reach you wherever you are.

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Sleep Comfort

SC Contract is a pioneer in providing Interior Design & Fit-out services with an impeccable record for delivering smart and innovative solutions for the commercial, hospitality and residential sectors. With over 70 years of experience across the Middle East, SC Contract has earned a reputation for consistently delivering quality, timeliness and convenience to over 25,550 clients throughout the years.

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Galerie Vanlian

Welcome to the ambrosial home furniture & accessories concept of Galerie Vanlian!

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From craftsmanship to industrialization, H-Deco has come a long way. First known as "Industries Youssef El-Hajj & Co”, today, it goes by the name of H-Deco. Yet some things remain unaltered: a deep rooted love for wood, and a wise philosophy that Youssef El-Hajj has transmited from one generation to the other. A way of life that can be summarized in a few simple words: "living in harmony with nature." With time, H-Deco has evolved from a small family business to a large growing industry. Perennial expertise and know-how were always at the core of the business and served as engine of its evolution. This impressive expansion has earned our team renown and respect as well as national and international acknowledgment. A reputation that we strive to live up to, through our commitment to uncompromising quality and customer’s satisfaction. Over the years we have learned how to make the best of lumber’s capricious nature, and recognize each kind as a marvel on its own.

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Libatel is a leading Information and Communication Technology Systems Integrator in the Middle East and across the GCC. Founded in 1977, Libatel is a privately-held company with headquarters in Beirut, and offices in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. For the past 46 years, we have been in the business of providing reliable, tailor-made, intelligent and innovative IT, security and communication solutions to help you work more efficiently and profitably. Our highly trained, motivated and efficient team is totally committed to deliver advanced systems, communications and software integration for businesses of all sizes, across all industries, in the private and public sectors. We design custom solutions, and integrate the industry’s best technologies to answer each organization's specific needs. Determined to exceed customers’ expectations at all levels, we back up all our solutions with software applications, professional support, maintenance and reliable after-sales services. In a constantly evolving technology world, we partner with top international companies to help governments, financial institutions, hospitals, hotels, schools, universities, enterprises and private organizations streamline their voice, data, video, security, and communication needs.

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Proactive is a Digital Innovation studio diligently working on creating growth through digital transformation. Our expertise revolves around: – Customer Experience (CX) – Data & Analytics – Process Digitization – Mobility From corporate attention-grabbing websites to complex eCommerce solutions, Apps and sophisticated corporate digitization solutions, we improve our client’s operational efficiency and maximize their business growth potential.

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Teletrade Holding Group

Teletrade Holding Group (THG) is an ISO 9001 certified Lebanese holding company with five autonomous subsidiaries, the oldest of which established in 1993, and each handling a specific portfolio of products and professional services, dedicated to a specific target market.

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The tremendous growth of Inteltec was fueled by the clear vision and guidance of its management team, positioning the organization among the best telecommunications companies in the Middle East. Inteltec, a Lebanese Telecommunication company, was founded in 1982 to act as the main engineering unit within Investcom Holding. In May 2006 Investcom merged with MTN of South Africa, and Inteltec became fully owned by MTN group. In November 2011, Inteltec Management Team that has run the company for many years acquired 100% of Inteltec shares. At the commencement of the company, while guided by the vision of its management, Inteltec took the challenge to install and operate state of the art systems to offer complete telephony services to end customers. As a result, its activities expanded rapidly to cover wireless businesses (AMPS, GSM), microwave transmission, earth stations, VSAT, etc.

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IPT Powertech

We are Best-in-Class Power and Telecom Solutions Provider IPT Powertech is a leading full-fledged energy systems integrator, and complete energy-efficient solutions provider. The group is also a complete telecom infrastructure solutions provider combining telecom services expertise with managed services proficiencies with more than 4,500 specialists on board across Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

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